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Lighter Chevy Equinox Comes to China

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A Chevy Equinox cut-away being shown at the Leaner-Greener-Safer -- Chevrolet Equinox Media Workshop in Shanghai

A Chevy Equinox cut-away being shown at the Leaner-Greener-Safer: Chevrolet Equinox Media Workshop in Shanghai

The new Chevrolet Equinox is nearly 400 pounds (or 180 kilograms) lighter than the model it replaces, meaning drivers enjoy a nimbler and more responsive driving experience.

The all-new Equinox body was also designed and optimized for top safety ratings, in order to make it more attractive to car customers in the Chinese market.

“The Equinox has a structure that is leaner yet stronger,” said Andy Dunstan, general director of Chevrolet in China. “Through an advanced and meticulous design process, engineers eliminated close to 10 percent of the Equinox’s mass to enable better handling and fuel economy. Its leaner and stronger structure also results in efficient performance that inspires confidence while creating a more comfortable and greener, safer driving experience.”

The new Equinox’s lighter, stiffer, and stronger body features ultra-high strength steel for enhanced safety, a stiffer body for enhanced ride and handling and noise and vibration reduction, and a lowered weight that results in enhanced fuel efficiency.

“Besides helping reduce fuel consumption, weight optimization lowers CO2 emissions, while giving customers enhanced driving performance, uncompromised safety and lower cost of ownership,” said GM Body Vehicle System Engineer Albert Chou. “The Equinox uses several types of premium high-strength steels that offer both protection and rigidity. The weight reduction comes mostly from the use of thinner-gauge high-strength steels combined with optimization of the geometry (or topology) of the structure, which brings fuel economy benefits and makes the vehicle more nimble.”

GM says that its approach to lightweighting is the result on focusing on adopting smart design, strategically employing lighter materials, and implementing a mix of innovative manufacturing joining techniques.

“The Equinox drives ‘lighter,’ which correlates with a greater feeling of precision – from accelerating to turning corners,” said Chou. “An all-new, mass-efficient body structure is at the center of the Equinox’s trimmer curb weight and helps make the most of the available turbocharged engine options.”

Chevy launched the global Equinox in China on April 7th, where the vehicle is priced between RMB 174,900 and RMB 249,900 in China.