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Listen to OnStar’s Halloween Monster Response Calls

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To get into the Halloween spirit (or spirits?), Chevrolet today released one of the most ridiculous press releases we at The News Wheel have ever seen—and we’ve seen some pretty strange ones from April Fools Day. In this one, Chevy included three of OnStar’s Halloween monster response calls. They’re all fabricated and horribly acted, but you can’t help but smile and laugh (at them, not with them, that’s an important distinction) when listening.

Oh, and the press release included this hilarious stock photo of a boy dressed as a wolf attacking a model with no acting skills in a Chevy Volt, which we never imagined seeing:

OnStar’s Halloween Monster Response Calls

Like seriously, what is this?

So take a listen to all three of OnStar’s Halloween monster response calls below. We’re sure you’ll be howling like werewolves with laughter.

Oh, No, the Zombies Are Attacking

Hey, It’s Edgar Allen Poe!

Wild Werewolves

Oh, and while you’re here, if your little ones will be out trick-or-treating (or trunk-or-treating) tonight or tomorrow, check out this trick-or-treat safety infographic to open up a dialogue with your youngsters about being safe on the scariest night of the year.