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Local Church Uses Cars to Spread Hope During Coronavirus Scare

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Cars to spread hope
Dozens of cars in Newport, Virginia, are now advertising a charitable website to the community
Photo: General Motors

The current coronavirus pandemic has been a frightening event for many of us. In uncertain times, a little hope and reassurance go a long way. A little Church in Newport, Virginia, has taken this to heart and is using cars to spread hope in their community.

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Using cars to spread hope

Within the town of Newport, Waters Edge Church has launched a campaign to help those affected by the coronavirus. Their method? A website URL members wrote on the windows of cars with washable glass markers. The website they leave behind is, which was created by Waters Edge Church to provide relief for anyone who may need it. The website lets those who visit it know that the church will help them acquire groceries, gas, or other essentials.

Coming together

The idea of using cars to spread hope through the community came from Eddie Antle, Pastor of Missions for Waters Edge Church. According to Antle, the church’s pastor recited a quote during a service that stuck out to him. “He quoted AW Tozer saying that, ‘What a scared world needs is a fearless church,'” Antle said in a local interview. “We’re really trying to make sure folks know that there is someone out there for them, that we’re not afraid, that we’re not scared to be there for them – whether that’s physically, spiritually, or emotionally.”

Roughly 100 local volunteers have given their time to this campaign. From writing the website on vehicle windows to providing food, amenities, gas, and prayers, the community has come together to help those who need it.

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If you happen to be in Newport, Virginia, anytime soon, be sure to look for cars spreading messages of hope in a time that desperately needs it.