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Chris Castor of ‘Buy My Volvo’ Returns With #LOLVO

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#LOLVORemember the #buymyvolvo YouTube video wherein Christoffer Castor made an inspired plea for someone/anyone to buy his 1993 Volvo 245GL by highlighting aspects like its spinsie-winsies, oblong chrome nipple with five on it, haunted backseat, and hepatitis B?

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Well, if you haven’t seen it, now you have. This will definitely help this new ad for the Volvo V60 make some bit of sense. Ladies and gentlemen, we present…#LOLVO.

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The old 245GL gets popped out for a V60 Sportswagon R-Design T6 AWD and Castor exits the car park for vaster scenery that is possibly shot by either a rocket cam or a gnarly face.

The best part about the V60, which is the most comprehensive piece of thing ever created, is arguably the various kitten decals that Castor has transferred over (though we are quite fond of its huge amount of two brightsies and its cavernous twerk).


The best part, of course

Other highlights:

  • Crossword hints for the bold
  • Seamless hepatitis
  • Floor bibs
  • Clicks and beeps
  • Sacred book including two free stickers

Oh, and we should probably mention that our driver (presumably Castor) is totally enjoying the V60 Sportswagon in the nude.


Supreme comfort

The V60 Sportswagon R-Design T6 AWD: “Most definitely a car. Due to its four wheels, it’s not just a motorcycle, nor a plane. We’re pretty proud. It’s a car.”

That it is. #LOLVO, indeed.