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Lost Christmas Presents Found on I-75 South in Florida

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With the Christmas season coming to a close, many of us are grateful for the gifts we’ve given and received over the last few days. Unfortunately, one family seems to have lost their presents along their holiday journey, and Andrea Reid is trying to return them.

Andrea Reid, a resident of St. Petersburg, Florida, was traveling southbound on I-75 to Cape Coral on Christmas Eve. Along the way, in the city of Northport, she saw the unbelievable: a pile of presents on the side of the road. But these presents weren’t left there on purpose; it looked like they had fallen off a traveling vehicle by mistake.

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Reid was hesitant to stop at first, but decided that it was the right thing to do. “We would want somebody to get our gifts so they don’t get run over,” she said.

The presents were located between the Osprey and North Port exits, so Reid pulled off at the next exit and turned around to get the gifts. When they picked them up, they realized they were gifts for a young child – a child who might not have any gifts to open on Christmas anymore. The gifts were labeled “To Branson; From Pops and Windy, Randy and Jack.”

Reid knew she wanted to get those gifts back to Branson, so she turned to Facebook. While she hasn’t found the family just yet, the post has been shared nearly 500 times from residents all across the state of Florida.

If you would like to share Andrea Reid’s post, you can do so here.

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News Sources: Andrea Reid, NBC-2