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Luke Bryan Surprises Fans in a 2018 Chevy Equinox [VIDEO]

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New Chevrolet ambassador Luke Bryan

Chevrolet is closely associated with America, and for good reason. Like baseball, mom, and apple pie, the bowtie brand is a fixture of American culture, as models like the Corvette sports car and Silverado pickup have become iconic after spending decades on US roads and highways.

So when it comes to choosing spokesmen for their brand, Chevy typically opts for artists who themselves seem to reflect a particular strain of Americana. For a while, that artist was Kid Rock, but GM quietly let his contract expire while effectively replacing him with country music singer Luke Bryan.

That was probably a good idea, because while Kid Rock has only become more polarizing in recent months, Luke Bryan seems like a pretty swell guy—as evidenced by this video in which he surprises two of his fans that are in town for the Country Music Association festival.

Take a look:

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In the video, two young country music fans use the Catch-a-Chevy ride feature to take a new 2018 Chevrolet Equinox through Nashville, Tennessee. During the tour of the city, the SUV’s driver swings over to “the office” under the guise of picking up some VIP posters. Once there, though, Luke Bryan jumps into the back seat, to the delight of the two young fans.

And as if a personal meet-and-greet wasn’t enough, Bryan goes a step further by giving his adoring public some special VIP passes.

“Check this out, on behalf of me and Chevrolet, we have tickets to the Chevrolet Suite, so y’all have been officially upgraded,” Bryan says as he gifts them the passes. “And… keep loving Chevrolet.”

It seems very likely that they’ll do just that.

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