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Lyft Campaign Expands to Columbus and 34 Other Cities

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Lyft recently commemorated its 1 billionth trip earlier this month. As the ride-share company pursues the plan to go public, it’s also focusing on a new campaign. Dubbed “Ditch With Lyft,” the initiative is meant to promote traditional car owners to give up their vehicle for 30 days.

Based on the campaign’s success last month in preliminary cities like Chicago, Lyft is expanding the campaign to more cities, including Columbus, Ohio.

Lyft president John Zimmer articulates the company’s hope for the campaign. ““By making it a movement, by making it an event, people are like, ‘Oh, let me try this experiment.’” Zimmer hopes that participants will enjoy saving money and time. He also predicts that they will experience a greater sense of peace that comes from not having the obligations associated with vehicle ownership.

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The new movement elaborates on the organization’s history of pushing for progressive shifts in transportation. Both Zimmer and co-founder Logan Green have advocated for increased carpooling. They’ve also advised many Americans to sell their second cars, to curb traffic congestion and boost their personal finances.

Participants can express their involvement in the campaign by using the hashtag #DitchYourCar. Per Lyft’s website, each person that takes part in the challenge will receive a one-month Zipcar membership with a $100 drive credit, a one-month COGO bike share membership, and a $300 Lyft Ride credit.

We await more news as the campaign makes headway in Columbus and beyond. Find out if your city is on one of the locations taking part in the movement, by going to the campaign’s website here.

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