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Lyft Driver Rides off with Woman’s Child Due to a Misunderstanding

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Photo: SPUR

A headline from Miami might leave you scratching your head in befuddlement: a Lyft driver drove off with a woman’s child. Was the woman trying to conveniently misplace her child to enjoy some rare moments of quiet?

The scene from The Incredibles comes to mind, when the sleepless, tortured Kari McKeen opens the front door to find what she thinks is a replacement babysitter to relieve her.

Kari from The Incredibles

Being a mom is tough work, as Kari found out when she watched Jack Jack. 
Photo: Tumblr

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And what about the driver? Considering that Lyft has been around for 10 years, it definitely hasn’t come into its established state of being due to hiring careless drivers. Maybe the driver was just having an “off” day?

At any rate, we do have a few objective details from the news story to lend a dose of clarity to the situation. We know that the event happened at 1190 NW 86th Street. According to Miami police officer Christopher Bess, the mother put her kid in the backseat of the car and told the driver to wait a minute while she retrieved a car seat.

The driver somehow missed this crucial information and drove the child to the destination the woman had given him. Considering that the “end point” was a daycare at 7134 Byron Street, maybe he just assumed the mother wanted her child there as soon as possible. Who could blame him for wanting to do a job accurately and promptly?


Moms always come to the rescue; just like the one in this story who called the police to help her find her temporarily-lost child.
Photo: marsir86

Whatever the driver’s frame of mind, we do know that the story ends well. The worried mother called 911 when she came back out of her house and noticed the car had already departed. She was happily reunited with her child who was still in the car with the Lyft driver who had been waiting outside the daycare.

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News Source: Local 10 News