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Lyft Test Program Allows Users to Book Rides 24 Hours in Advance

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Lyft is currently testing a program that allows users to book a ride 24 hours in advance

Ride-sharing programs are quickly becoming the cool—not to mention convenient—way of getting around town. But sometimes, there can be a catch when there is no ride available nearby. Need a ride to the airport at a certain time, but don’t want to risk not having a ride? Well, Lyft has got you covered.

This ride-share company is thinking of changing things up a little bit, making it easier for those customers who know when and where they will need a lift next with a testing program in San Francisco. This new program allows you to reserve a car 24 hours before the ride is needed. All you have to do is pay a tiny extra fee. There is even an option to update or cancel your Lyft ride up to 30 minutes before the driver gets there at no extra charge.

Lyft’s newest change illustrates the ridesharing industry’s future. Previously, people could only hire Lyft for on-demand rides, and were incapable of booking a ride even an hour before they needed it. Assuming the testing in San Francisco goes well, this new feature could easily pop up in cities around the world. Through this feature, the ride-sharing company is becoming more and more like a traditional taxi and limo company, advancing the appeal of a ride-share over normal city transportation.
If this feature does become the newest way to use Lyft, this ride-share company will have a huge leg up over its most stringent competitor—Uber. Right now, Uber doesn’t have the option to schedule a ride before a certain time. But, as we all know, it’s likely Uber will follow in Lyft’s footsteps. It’s only a matter of time.

News Source: Bustle