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Lyft’s Electric Future

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Soon, rideshare services will provide consumers with more than just convenience. They’ll also give consumers the opportunity to help reduce emissions.

Lyft recently announced its plan to start incorporating electric vehicles in its fleet. It will also add a new Green Mode feature in the Lyft app through which users can hail an EV the next time they need public transportation.

The company expressed pride in this new offering, via a recent blog post. “Once adopted widely, EVs hold the promise of making cities more livable by dramatically reducing air pollution.”

This decision comes partly as a response to Lyft driver feedback. Per Green Car Reports, 80 percent of Lyft drivers want more eco-friendly vehicle choices to help reduce fuel costs, which in turn, will increase their profits.

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Right now, Lyft’s Green Mode is live in Seattle, though the company is expected to expand the service to other cities in 2019.

The company is starting to introduce EVs in Seattle and Atlanta via its Express Drive service, which is currently available in many cities nationwide. Additionally, Lyft drivers have access to free unlimited charging as part of the weekly rental fee. Drivers simply have to request an EV via the company’s Express Drive service.

Considering the growing interest in EVs at the consumer level, Lyft’s new emphasis on electric in Seattle and Atlanta promises to do well; especially since more people are using rideshare services not just for commuting but also for getting to medical appointments.

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News Source: Green Car Reports