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Magna’s Innovative iCON Radar Technology

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With the recent headlines about autonomous car crashes, it’s more important than ever that companies pursue and finesse technology that could improve the safety of self-driving vehicles to help avoid collisions with pedestrians.

Magna, a car tech supplier entity, seeks to do just that with its latest gadget called iCON Radar. This technology improves a vehicle’s “sight” of the road, enabling it to more keenly detect objects and more accurately determine their spacial relationship to the car. It has excellent range and the capacity for high resolution images—two key components lacking in many contemporary vehicle camera systems.

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Swamy Kotagiri, CTO with Magna, expressed the level of precision that car cameras need to start incorporating. A vehicle’s camera system should “be able to classify things you have to get the outline and be able to tell a person from a stop sign, or a man hole cover from the road.” The iCON is a good first step in that direction.

The iCON car radar can see vertically and horizontally, while having a 300-meter range. As depicted in Magna’s promotional video for the gadget, while other car radars can’t distinguish between pedestrians, other vehicles, and road obstacles, this one can. It can even distinguish between moving and stationery objects, then communicate this info to the driver.

Although Magna intended the iCON for military use, the company is tweaking it for use in personal vehicles. We anticipate more news about this exciting new technology that could help everyone stay safer on the roads in the near future.

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