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Maine Proposes Annual Fee for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Owners

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portland, maine

Portland, Maine
Photo: Matthew Baron

While the electric and hybrid vehicle trend has started gradually infiltrating the U.S., Maine residents might soon face a government-imposed pediment to buying a green energy ride of their own. The Maine Department of Transportation (DOT) recently announced a new proposal that would obligate owners of hybrid or fully electric vehicles to pay an annual fee. The group intends this cost to help offset the gas tax money the state loses with each green energy vehicle model (since these models require fewer, if any, stops at the gas stations).

Understandably, Maine residents are anything but pleased, as hybrid car owner Andrew Cadot articulated. “I thought it was better for the environment, better for air pollution if we have cars that are running on electric power.” But the DOT’s recent push for the annual fee has caused him to reevaluate his environmentally-conscious vehicle choices. “[The proposal is] basically saying if you are going to go green, it’s going to cost you more money, which doesn’t make any sense at all.”

Clean air

Photo: NGerda

As Cadot implied, states should be encouraging (not discouraging) its residents to adopt more eco-friendly vehicles such as hybrid and electric ones. However, the Maine DOT claimed that the proposed annual fee would help cover its $60 million highway fund deficit.

If the proposal passes, each hybrid owner can expect to pay $150 per year, while electric vehicle owners can expect to pay $250. We anticipate more news on this development in the weeks ahead, as more discussion ensues about legislating the green energy vehicle fee.

News Source: WGME