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Make Your Summer Road Trip a Chance to Reconnect with Your Loved Ones

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Summer is here, which means you’ve probably planned a road trip or two. And you and your spouse and or family members have already downloaded, uploaded, and packed everything to keep yourselves entertained for the long journey, complete with headphones. Although, music, podcasts, audiobooks, and video games are awesome activities for a road trip, they tend to be somewhat isolating. Instead of allowing everyone to escape into their own worlds for the duration of your trip, why not take some time out to reconnect?

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Kaycee Krysty, President Emerita of Laird Norton Tyree, a wealth management company in Seattle, shares with Forbes that select questions can be great starting points for thoughtful conversations, perfect for your road trip adventure.

If you want to know what the latest hot-button issue is stressing out your spouse, try asking this question from Krysty: “What do you care enough about that you would argue with someone over at a very nice dinner party?”

A question that you can extend to your spouse and your kids will give you inspiration for time together after your road trip ends: “What is a perfect day like? Can you provide vivid details?”

If you and your spouse are road-tripping without your kids or your kids have finally fallen asleep and are oblivious to your conversation, consider asking each other this question from Krysty: “Describe what success looks like for your children. What do you want most for them?”

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Take advantage of your time together and use your road trip to reconnect with your loved ones. Chances are your conversations will make your hours on the road fly by.

News Source: Forbes