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Make Your Used Car Last Longer – Part 2

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Used cars are a great option for first-time car buyers as well as those with tight budgets. If you need more ideas for prolonging the life of your vehicle, here are additional strategies that you can implement.

Keep it clean 

Regular car washes go a long way in protecting your vehicle’s external shell from corrosive substances like road salt as well as the bird poop and bug tar that inevitably glues itself to the surface. It also helps prevent the body from rusting.

Replace new tires and rims 

Make sure to replace your vehicle’s tires and rims when needed. Not only will this give you more grip on the road, and keep you safer, but new tires and rims will also boost your fuel efficiency and help preserve the condition of the drivetrain.

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car cover

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Cover it up

Besides cleanliness, it’s also wise to store your car in a garage, if possible, for protection against damaging weather such as hail and ice. If you live in an apartment, however, consider buying a protective cover for your vehicle, to provide a substantial shield against the elements.

Brake upkeep

Keep on top of brake maintenance by scheduling brake inspections each time your vehicle reaches certain milestones (check the owner’s manual for recommended mileage points for service). If you want to delay buying new brakes, scrubbing the brakes with brake cleaning spray will help your brakes last longer.

Service spark plugs and cables

If you put a lot of miles on your vehicle, you’ll especially want to keep a close eye on your car’s spark plugs and cables. If these items are worn out, it could cause a cylinder to misfire, make it harder for the engine to start, curb the fuel efficiency, and result in reduced engine power.  Consult the owner’s manual should specify how often to service the spark plugs and cables.

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