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Man Calls Police to Report Himself for Driving Drunk

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People being pulled over and arrested on suspicion of DUI is nothing uncommon. If you’re someone like, say, former Baltimore Ravens running back Bernard Pierce, you might even try to leverage your fame and your standing as an excuse to just forget the whole thing ever happened. (Side note: if you do this, you are awful and you probably don’t have any friends.)

On the other hand, if you’re 55-year-old Donald Drummer of Essex County, Ontario, you instead realize that driving impaired is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible, pull the car over, and call the police to come and arrest you. While the original decision to drive under the influence by no means laudable, it certainly takes a great deal of fortitude to see to it that you are punished accordingly.

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Drummer’s somewhat odd and unexpected decision-making earned him a great deal of press in his home country and around the world, and he sat down with The Star to talk a bit about why he did what he did.

When asked why he was compelled to call the police, Drummer says that he had hit the bottom of the barrel with his depression and alcoholism, and he believed that taking responsibility for his actions may have been the first step to getting proper help.

“I just said [to the operator] I have an alcohol problem, I’ll probably blow over (the legal limit) and I’m pulling over and giving up,” Drummer told The Star’s Amy Dempsey. “And the OPP showed up and they were perfectly fine with me. They pulled over behind, I had my four-ways on. I wasn’t belligerent or stumbling around but I did blow over.”

Drummer expressed that he is “extremely annoyed” with the coverage he has received since he called police that morning, saying that he feels the amount of attention he has received should be dedicated to more serious world issues.

Drummer says that he has enrolled in a treatment center in Windsor and is hoping to get the help that he needs. Here’s hoping that Drummer’s sense of responsibility rubs off on others.

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News Source: The Star (Via: Jalopnik)