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Man Carrying Bonanza of Illegal Drugs Asks Police Officer For a Ride, Gets One

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Because some days, the War on Drugs is easier than others

Selling drugs is a risky game. As such, it tends to attract people who are excited by the possible gains, dancing along the razor’s edge while trying not to get caught by the Law. Now, selling drugs and asking a police deputy for a ride while carrying a veritable buffet of hard drugs could be safely called a much riskier game.

The gambling man in this case was Alex Wiley Smith, a 38-year-old originally from Pounding Mill, Virginia, who somehow ended up stranded at a Shell station in Limestone County, Alabama.

At about 3:30am, a Limestone County Sheriff’s Office deputy was filling up his patrol car. When he went inside, the clerk asked the deputy if the officer would mind giving someone a ride to the nearby Wal-Mart. This person was Smith.

The deputy agreed to give Smith a ride, but he needed to see Smith’s driver’s license first. The driver’s license was cancelled. So the deputy told Smith that, before letting him in the car, the deputy needed to search him. According to the arrest report, Smith agreed.

At that point, gambling man Smith rolled snake eyes. The deputy found two strips of suboxone (a narcotic prescription pain reliever with a high risk of dependency) in Smith’s pocket.

This led to a search of Smith’s bags that revealed a smorgasbord of illegal drugs: half a gram of meth, almost six and a half grams of pot, a small amount of unidentified crystals, five baggies of black tar heroin (about a gram per bag), a 13-gram ball of black tar heroin, 18 needles, a cooking spoon, two pot pipes, one meth pipe, an herb grinder, and a bunch of small baggies.

Smith was arrested (obviously) and charged with possession both of marijuana and controlled substances, as well as drug trafficking (since the guy was basically an after-school-special drug dealer). The drugs were handed over to county drug investigators.

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