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Man Drives Car into Store, Takes Selfie, Leaves

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Many of us love to show off our cars. Some of us love showing them off so much that we take photos of them (and of ourselves with them) and post them to our Instagram accounts. But most people don’t love showing off their cars enough to drive through the front doors of a store, hop out, snap a selfie, and drive off again. Yet that is exactly what one Toyota Corolla driver did in a suburb of Jacksonville, Florida, last week.

man drives car into store

Because blue door sill lights are pretty common
Photo: Clay County Sheriff’s Office

The man, who is still being sought by local police, drove his Corolla up through the front doors of At Home Décor Store in the town of Orange Park last Monday night. When his car was about a foot inside the store, the man jumped out of his car and snapped a selfie, before honking his horn, yelling at the store’s employees, and driving away.

Since the man is still at large, there’s no explanation as to why he would do this. But we have to think that this driver had some serious guts, since the car he was driving featured bright blue lights across its door sills, and wasn’t exactly inconspicuous. On the flip side, the car was still a Corolla, and those are a dime a dozen.

The man is wanted by the Clay County Sheriff’s office for reckless driving and endangering others.

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