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Man Jumps on Vehicle He Rammed into During Road Rage Incident in Sacramento

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Road rage can take many forms, including ramming another vehicle repeatedly

Monday morning is typically not anyone’s favorite day, and this road rage incident in California this morning surely didn’t help this commuter’s start to the week. The event, which occurred between 10 and X streets in Sacramento, was caught on camera by a shocked witness. Sgt. Vane Chandler with the Sacramento Police reported that the driver had called to report that someone had rammed into their vehicle. Local resident Nikki Guinn heard the crash and ran outside, where she caught the majority of the situation (12 minutes of footage) via her phone.

At this point, local witness Nikki Guinn thought she was witnessing a mental breakdown

Guinn articulated the unreal vibe of the scenario she filmed. She also expressed her reaction to the man’s violent outburst of rage, “My thought was I witnessed someone’s mental breakdown, essentially.” The footage depicts the road rage perpetrator, Jose Garcia Alvarez, ramming his SUV into the smaller blue vehicle, then getting out of the vehicle and jumping on the roof of the smashed car. An image of the Hulk comes to mind (although the aforesaid suspect was significantly smaller and more wiry in build than the Marvel protagonist).


Police soon arrived on the scene to arrest Alvarez and took him to the hospital for evaluation; it turns out he was driving under the influence of narcotics. Alvarez has been charged with felony assault and vandalism for his destructive, aggressive behavior this morning. Our sympathies go out to the driver of the damaged vehicle as they seek justice and make the necessary repairs to their vehicle.

Source: KCRA News