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Man Throws Parking Ticket on Ground, Gets Charged With Littering

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Parking tickets always seem to pose a problem for law enforcement agencies. Since it can be such a common offense, an agency that doesn’t have an efficient system for handling them could end up with infractions sliding through the cracks or have people just throwing the tickets away and ignoring them.

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In that last way, it seems that authorities in Ammanford, South Wales, are feeling ignored, as people have simply been throwing parking tickets away rather than pay them. So, when the council was contacted by a witness who saw a motorist fling his £60 ticket into a parking lot, it calmly performed its duty by issuing the man with a fine for littering.

This new ticket was £75.

This is probably the start of a new policy for the council, since this is the second time in the last few months that it has issued a littering charge for parking tickets thrown away like this.

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It seems unclear why the motorists who received the parking tickets and threw them on the ground did so, rather than, say, throwing them away in a trash can, since it seems unlikely that the police would not also have a copy of the issued ticket.

News Source: The Telegraph