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Man Ticketed For Driving in HOV Lane With Most Interesting Cardboard Cutout in the World

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Shoulda gone with a Brock Lesnar cutout

I Don't Always Drive Illegally in the HOV Lane...

I Don’t Always Drive Illegally in the HOV Lane…

As we have learned, people will go to any number of lengths to travel unabated in the HOV lane, up to and including crudely creating a hooded passenger out of wood. (Side note: the man who was busted for having a wooden traveler said that his splintery companion  has “a sister down in the basement” who is only brought out on “special occasions” and made to wear a tutu…are we alone in getting distinct Buffalo Bill vibes from this?)

The latest attempt to get away with riding solo in the HOV may be one of the best, perpetrated by an individual who doesn’t always attempt to get away with driving without a passenger in the HOV lane, but when he does, he appears to do so with the help of a cardboard cutout depicting “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

A Washington State Patrol trooper pulled over a vehicle near Tacoma on Monday when he noticed that the passenger in the front seat was obviously a cutout of the Dos Equis pitchman, portrayed by actor Jonathan Goldsmith.

When the officer asked about the cardboard passenger, the driver responded, “He’s my best friend.”

Did the officer find this particularly interesting? Yes! He told ABC News that in 12 years of seeing people concoct ways to get around HOV lane restrictions, using The Most Interesting Man in the World earned him an A for creativity. He still gave the dude a $124 ticket, though.

Some advice for next time: use a cardboard cutout of Brock Lesnar. Nobody will dare stop you.

Brock Lesnar Cardboard Cutout

Even in his cardboard form, Brock Lesnar still counts as three and a half mortal humans

Via: ABC News