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Manga-Inspired Artwork Captures the Spirit of Lexus

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Photo: Lexus

Anime and manga are deeply ingrained in the aesthetics of Japanese pop culture. That’s why Lexus has tapped a trio of artists to showcase the influence of modern Japanese popular art on the automaker’s vehicle designs. Here’s a look at what these artists created.

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Yishan Li

Photo: Lexus

Inspired by the Lexus UX’s tagline, “New Horizons,” Yishan Li depicts a serene scene of a woman relaxing with her Lexus. According to the artist, this Lexus driver has just completed a big creative project, and is enjoying some well-deserved downtime and sunset on the beach after. Yishan commented that the Lexus UX was the toughest part of the illustration. “There are so many precise curves and design elements, they’re a lot harder to draw than characters,” she explained.

Timothy Kong

Photo: Lexus

In Kong’s dramatic scene, a Lexus ES speeds away from a horde of dragons — including a fire-breathing behemoth that’s hot on its trail. Although it looks like an ambitious crossover between Monster Hunter and Fast and the Furious, Kong explained that his artwork more than just a combination of cool things. “I chose a dragon to highlight the brave design of Lexus cars,” he said. “In Japanese culture dragons are shown to be incredibly powerful and proud creatures that represent courage and strength, and to challenge one is seen to be a brave endeavor.”

Daniel Atanasov

Photo: Lexus

Bulgarian-born artist Daniel Atanasov depicted a katana-wielding warrior riding atop a Lexus LC. Growing up in communist-controlled Bulgaria, Atanasov didn’t have access to very much fun media, but he got his hands on some sci-fi anime and has been hooked ever since. That sci-fi influence even carried over into his Lexus-inspired piece. Check out the driver seat — it’s empty. That’s no mistake, Atanasov explained. “The car itself is an autonomous being, but at the same time has a symbiotic relationship with the man,” he stated. “That’s why there is no driver behind the wheel; the car is intelligent, self-driving and reliable.”

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Source: Lexus