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Mary Barra and Phil LeBeau Sit Down for a Chat

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LeBeau is not baffled that Barra is both mother and CEO

Mary Barra and Phil LeBeau

Mary Barra and Phil LeBeau sit down for a chat.Via: CNBC

Mary Barra and Phil LeBeau got a chance to sit down with one another at the Intelligent Transport Summit over the weekend and discuss a plethora of subjects. CNBC’s LeBeau, of course, discussed future technologies related to the Intelligent Transport Summit, which include vehicle-to-vehicle communication and Super Cruise. (You can read Barra’s full remarks to the Intelligent Transport Society here.)

But it wouldn’t be an interview with Mary Barra if the interviewer didn’t also ask about her tumultuous first year (not even a year yet, actually) at the helm of General Motors. That is, addressing the massive ignition switch recall which was issued shortly after she took on the role of CEO.

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It’s interesting to note, however, that LeBeau was able to get through the interview without reminding Barra that she is a mother and pondering how in the world she could ever both raise her children and run a company. We’re looking at you, Matt Lauer.

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You can check out the full interview, courtesy of CNBC, in the video below: