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Maserati Announces Partnership With Antinori Wine Maker

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Maserati Antinori Partnership
Photo: Maserati

Always keen to enhance its exclusive brand image, Maserati has struck a new partnership with Antinori, a historic wine-maker based in Tuscany, Italy.

The automaker says it chose to partner with Antinori because “Italian excellence” is a key value shared by both of their business cultures, in addition to their “uncompromising pursuit of quality.”

Antinori is one of the biggest wine companies in Italy and can trace its history back to 1385, when Giovanni di Piero Antinori joined the Florentine Guild of Wine-Makers. “Throughout its long history, the Antinori family has always run its business itself, with innovative and sometimes daring strategies but always with the same respect for traditions and the surrounding environment,” Maserati said in a press release.

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The new partnership will be marked by shared events and initiatives, which Maserati says will be representative of the two companies’ shared business values—buzzwords like “passion for quality,” “tradition and innovation,” and “pursuit of perfection.”

The automaker hasn’t said how this partnership would influence its car designs and features, but it’s reasonable to expect that standard Maserati vehicles will go unaffected. However, it did already lead to a new, exclusive Levante SUV built using Maserati’s new “ONE OF ONE” ultra-customization program.

Unveiled at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, the SUV was customized entirely by Antinori vice president Allegra Antinori, featuring a totally unique exterior and interior with such features as a tri-coat green “inspired by the shades of the Tuscan hills” and embroidered Pieno Fiore leather that “like a fine wine…will simply improve with age.”

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