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Massachusetts Family Trapped Inside a Chevrolet Dealership for Three Hours

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Bill DeLuca Chevy

It’s one way to spend an evening with the family
Photo: Fox 25

How do you spend your Friday nights? Downtown, out on the party scene? Or sitting at home, binge-watching Netflix? A family from North Andover, Massachusetts, spent their Friday night at an unorthodox location: a car dealership. Only this wasn’t a venue they selected, but rather one they were trapped in. reported that the Rivers family spent 3 hours with their car trapped inside of Bill DeLuca Chevrolet’s car lot last Friday evening. The horror!

The Rivers family arrived at the Haverhill dealership at 6pm to look for a new car. Unbeknownst to them, the business was getting ready to close. While they were checking out new Cruzes and Tahoes, the dealership staff locked the gate and left for the night.

Sawing Gate

Desperate times call for desperate electric saws
Photo: Fox 25

All of this would have been easily resolved if the security guard had shown up for his shift. However, the guard never arrived.

The Rivers contacted Haverhill police. The police in turn reached out to a cleaning contractor, who did not have keys to the gate. The officers then contacted the dealership manager. The manager said that someone would be there to unlock the gate in 20 minutes. That 20 minutes soon became 3 hours.

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For the first hour, the Rivers family found some creative ways to entertain their three daughters. They checked out the interior of unlocked cars, sang the lyrics to pop songs, and played soccer with a cardboard box.

However, after the first hour had passed, entertainment transformed into irritation. After an additional two hours and seemingly no help on the way, the father of the family ran over to the Hampton Inn next door to the dealership.

Serendipity was finally on the Rivers’ side, as a construction crew was spending a night at the hotel. The crew lent the family an electric saw. With permission from the police, the fed-up father cut through the lock.

Right after the family was finished completing their great escape, a security guard, who was called to take over the shift for the no-show guard, arrived at the lot. If the dealership had been a few seconds faster, the poor lock could have been spared.

Broken Lock

Why? It was so young! It had so much to live for!
Photo: Iron Bishop

The Rivers family said that they never received an apology for the incident, and all attempts by the media to reach out to the dealership’s management have not been returned.

Jennifer Rivers advised future car-shoppers to pack a cooler and bolt cutters with them. As I am looking to purchase a car soon, I’ll take Mrs. Rivers’ advice to heart and stop by the hardware store before stopping into the dealerships.


You know, just your average car shopping tools
Photo: Hic et nunc

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