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Massachusetts Man Finds a Boa Constrictor in His Truck’s Engine Bay

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The encounter under the vehicle's hood was actually the man's second run-in with the snake

The boa was found in a very constrictive environment
Photo: Leandro Avelar

It’s not uncommon to find animals hiding in your engine bay. Creatures that tend to cuddle up with an engine range anywhere between a cat and a squirrel.

Most of these creatures tend to be quite small in size. However, Joe Reed, a resident of Stoughton, Massachusetts, discovered a creature that was quite large under the hood of his truck: a boa constrictor.

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While going to check the fluids of his truck, Reed was startled to discover a five-foot long snake resting on top of his engine. Like any rational human being, Reed called animal control and the police to help remove the reptile.

When animal control and officers did arrive, the serpent suddenly awoke from its slumber. It then attempted to crawl down deeper into the engine area.

Using a pole, officers on the scene were able to lift the snake up. One of the officers was able to grab it behind its head. Finally, Reed and the police officers were able to wrangle the creature out of the engine and into a barrel.

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser engine bay

An engine bay is probably a nice place to nap for a cold-blooded creature

The police officers reportedly had no experience in dealing with snakes. Fortunately, there was an animal control officer at the scene to help out.

“We get snake calls every once in a while, but usually our animal control officer’s working and thankfully we begged him to come in and he got here pretty quick,” explained Lieutenant John Booney.

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Oddly enough, this was not Reed’s first encounter with the boa constrictor. While taking out garbage the previous Friday night, he discovered the reptile resting on top of his trash cans.

Stoughton Police have stated that the boa is set to be reunited with its owner, who unsurprisingly wishes to remain unidentified. Due to Reed’s frequent encounters with the snake, if he is ever in need of a career change, then he could always consider snake charming.

News Sources: CBS Boston, The Drive