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Maven Survey: Millennials Sure Like Spending Money on Doing Stuff in the Summertime

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Oh, millennials. Those industry-killing, avocado-toast-loving youngsters, whatever will we do with them? General Motors car-sharing service Maven, in an effort to get at what is at the heart of the elusive and mysterious creature we call the millennial, conducted a survey of more than 2,000 18-to-35-year-olds and found that they like to spend money on summer social events. This, of course, means that millennials are what’s killing the winter entertainment industry.

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Of the 2,000 people polled, more than half said that good weather is a leading factor in going out and doing things, with low fuel prices, not having to drive, minimal traffic, and actual access to a vehicle also being factors. With the idea of weather in mind, 63% said that they are more likely to cancel plans during the winter, whereas summer weather is conducive to 62% of respondents feeling more spontaneous with plan-making.

On average, not including travel for work, millennials spent about $851 on summer travel costs, driving an estimated 4.75 hours a week on the road for a total of 62 non-business traveling hours each summer. On the whole, millennials say they will have attended 37 events this summer and spent some $1,300 on socializing. Our question: where do they get all this money after blowing it on avocados?

“This research reinforces that experiences for millennials are critically important,” said Megan Stooke, Maven chief marketing officer. “Maven provides seamless connectivity through an on-demand app, available for use by the hour or by the day, allowing our members to be there for moments that matter. We are a key enabler.”

And why exactly did Maven conduct this study, you might ask? Well, you see, about 80% of all Maven users are millennials. So, hey, if you’re a millennial, maybe you should use Maven to, oh who knows, rent a car for a road trip or something?

“Maven has a car for every occasion and experience,” Stooke added. “From SUVs to eco-friendly sedans, matching the best vehicle to the experience is part of what makes Maven a unique offering.”

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