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Mazda and Other Automotive Superstars Team Up for Driverless Tech

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It’s well known that Mazda and Toyota have been working together in recent years. However, in a crossover more ambitious tha The Avengers, Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, and Subaru, among others, have joined forces to bring automobile autonomy closer to reality.

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Under the umbrella of Monet, Toyota and Softbank’s self-driving car venture, these automotive giants have pooled their resources into research and development. Their goal is to create an on-demand self-driving service platform, so Japan can have a foothold in this field of the automotive industry. However, it’s not all about staking a claim — Monet will soon put a vehicle on the road.

By 2020, Monet plans to debut an on-demand bus program in Japan. Later that year, the company hopes to export the basic version of its self-driving technology to southeast Asia. The tech will be used in controlled environments, like airports and smart cities.

For the future, Monet is looking to team up with ride-hailing services around the world. In China, its most likely ally would be Didi. In the United States, the company is eying Uber. On the market, Monet will face stiff competition from rivals like Apple’s, Fiat Chrysler’s Aurora, and Alphabet’s Waymo. While most Japanese automakers have teamed up with Monet, Nissan has chosen to join forces with Waymo.

With so many alliances and advances in technology, this is an exciting time for driverless tech ventures. Which companies do you want to see reign supreme?

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Source: Times Now News