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Mazda July Sales Are Rough for Everything Not a Crossover

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Mazda North America has reported its July 2018 sales, and at the most general levels, things at first don’t look too great. Total Mazda July sales were 24,125 vehicles, which is a drop of 10.9 percent versus last July. However, this is more than offset by year-to-date sales, which in July reached 188,049 vehicles, which is an 11.5 percent jump over last year’s numbers at this point.

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2018 Mazda3 at Chicago Auto Show

Unfortunately, this pattern doesn’t repeat in Mazda’s passenger cars. The Mazda3 posted 5,266 sales in July, a 28.9 percent decrease from last July’s 7,407 sales. In year-to-date sales, the Mazda3 saw a smaller, but still significant drop of 13.1 percent to 41,062 sales (last year by July Mazda has sold 47,241 Mazda3 models).

2018 Mazda6 IIHS Top Safety Pick

Up one step, the Mazda6 sold 2,213 models this July, down 36.4 percent over last year’s 3,482 sales. The brand’s larger sedan saw a much smaller drop in year-to-date sales, though, with 20,295 models by the end of this July, a 5.6 percent drop from last year’s 21,491 sales at this point.

2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF

Finally, the Miata only sold 844 models this July, down 15.3 percent from last year’s 997 sales. It faced the largest year-to-date drop compared to last year, with a 30.9 percent slide from 7,970 sales last year to 5,535 sales this year.

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The CX line, though, continued its steady march of sales success in the same pattern as the overall sales for July. At the smallest, the CX-3 actually saw a small drop for July, as it sold 1,388 models versus 1,481 sales last year, a drop of 6.3 percent. Year-to-date sales, though, are flying high with a 21.2 percent increase over last year, from 9,092 sales last year to 11,015 this year.

2018 Mazda CX-5

The CX-5 continues to be Mazda’s darling in sales as the only model to post a monthly increase over last year. It sold 12,208 models this July, up 7.1 percent from 11.402 last year. Year-to-date sales are even more impressive, up 36.1 percent from 68,479 last year to 93,220 this year.

2018 Mazda CX-9

Finally, the flagship CX-9 followed the CX-3’s example, with a small decrease in monthly sales. It dropped 4.8 percent from 2,318 models last year to 2,206 sales this year. Year-to-date, though, the CX-9 delivered a fat 17.3 percent increase from 14,431 sales to 16,922 sales.

As always, the CX lineup continued its majority of i-ACTIV AWD-equipped vehicles, with 60.5 percent of CX buyers in July choosing to add the option. Mazda’s CPO program also continued its happy growth, increasing 29.7 percent in July over last year with 4,693 sales.

Finally, Mazda Motor de Mexico continued its own cheerful expansion, with 4,992 sales in July, up 11.5 percent versus last July. For a full breakdown, here is the chart supplied by Mazda.

Mazda July sales