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Mazda’s Fashion Rocks Coverage: Music, Models, & Motors

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Mazda's Fashion Rocks  Show Model Red Mikael Miettinen

Models and Artists took the stage on Sept 9 for Fashion Rocks. Photo: Mikael Miettinen

We’ve been following every ounce of news concerning Mazda’s Fashion Rocks revival since word broke a couple months ago in conjunction with the debut of the new MX-5 Miata. Tonight, Tuesday September 9, was the big night as the New York scene lit up with glitz and glamour.

Suffice it to say, many promoters were in the spotlight, and both automotive and fashion interests took a backseat to promoting the celebrity music performers filling the stage. But, there were a couple key moments that made Mazda fans stand up and cheer.

If you’re looking for a re-cap of the night, we have our thoughts on it and the MX-5 Miata’s appearances.

Mazda’s Fashion Rocks Segment One:

The broadcast began with a black-and-white ride through the streets of New York on the back of a motorcycle, following Usher as he burst through the Barclay Center stage doors. Taking center stage, he performed one of his many hits, flanked by a band of female models clad in leather-meets-fishnets.

Before Usher left the stage, Ryan Seacrest made sure to announce who he was, for those watching who weren’t familiar with contemporary music. The host briefly explained how performers’ success extends past the right song and the right sound to the right dress and the right look. Enter a quick Macy’s plug and the screen shifted to the foul-mouthed Miranda Lambert, doing her best to squint throughout her entire performance.

Did you see that glimpse of Mazda before the break as one of the key sponsors, as well as Mazda’s first commercial? See the 2014 Mazda3 ad that aired:

Mazda’s Fashion Rocks Segment Two:

Pitbull lit up like a “Fireball” with his performance–quite literally, with plumes of flames in the background. He also began to prove that the extent of male fashion this evening– full-black dress clothes with an optional white suit jacket.Our favorite quote of the night was from Pitbull. “It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.”

The design of the catwalk was ingenious. It brought the performer and dancers past an enclosed pit of audience members and further thrust the stage into the arena.

Jennifer Hudson sang a soulful, spunky number as the real models strut their stuff across the stage in the first parade. Too bad the camerawork was too busy capturing her instead of offering any close-ups of the outfits.

The only sign of an automobile in the second commercial break was actually a Ford advertisement (boooooo!).

Mazda’s Fashion Rocks Segment Three:

Time for some subliminal advertising: have you caught the car silhouettes in the video transitions between segments? Smart move!

We’re ready to look at some designers that “rock,” like Tommy Hilfiger, offering a retrospective on his musical influences in his roots in the 1960s. He steps aside to introduce Enrique Iglesias. Wait, didn’t he just perform this song earlier this month on So You Think You Can Dance?

And the ads return already– they’re as plentiful as the performers!

During this break, we’re treated with another Mazda commercial, this time for the CX-5 commercial. Promoting the SUV is an interesting choice for the audience who will be watching Fashion Rocks. But, we can’t deny the CX-5 looks as good as any of the models on stage. Watch the trailer that aired:

Mazda’s Fashion Rocks Segment Four:

This was the first segment worth staying up for. Hopefully you skipped ahead to this part of our review.

On the side of the stage, the Mazda MX-5 Miata sat on display, promising more appearances to come. Video cut to a recap of the Road to Fashion Rocks series on the Fashion Rocks Live site hosted by Duran Duran. But they’re not ready to jam just yet.

Our jaws dropped when duo Nico + Vinz tried to cover a couple lines of one of the best James Bond songs to date: “Dance Into the Fire.” Who knew that was going to make an appearance?

Then, it was time for another not-sure-if-those-are-dancers-or-fashion-models segments before the stage cleared for Duran Duran. After the group played some of their lesser-known songs, audience members were hungry like the wolf for some recognizable hits. While the band may have been singing about “Rio,” they sure weren’t promoting Kia! No Miata to back them up? What disappointment!

During this commercial break, the Mazda6 made a glamorous appearance. See the ad here:

Mazda’s Fashion Rocks Segment Five:

Returning from the break begins with a retrospective of all the music artists’ fashion choices in their music videos. Again, it felt like less of a way to discuss fashion than to give stars screen time.

Jennifer Lopez hobbles onto the stage to remind us that her songs are becoming increasingly profound with age, like her new single “Booty.” We’re watching this for you, our readers. Be thankful we care so much about bringing you news on J.Lo’s booty.

The ad from the first commercial break for the Mazda3 is re-screened for emphasis.

Mazda’s Fashion Rocks Segment Six:

Luke Bryan gathered up the scattered class J.Lo had shattered on the stage by delivering a more conservative love ballad. The same went for Magic! and their funky reggae grooves, as the show began mellowing out.

Mazda’s Fashion Rocks Segment Seven:

The night was completely worth it for an entire stadium booing Justin Bierber as he impulsively stripped down to his Calvin Klein underwear. Apparently someone doesn’t know when to quit.

Rita Orita’s fashion choice is the British flag. Not much else we can say about that one.

Steve Madden finally gets a chance to introduce his fall collection before being upstaged by Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” (skip this part if you’re scared of snakes or lazy innuendos).

At least we have a commercial segment highlighting the entire award-winning series of Mazda vehicles to clean our palates afterward.

Mazda’s Fashion Rocks Segment Eight:

The Band Perry still had energy as the final 20 minutes of the event arrived, followed by thoughtful words on the relationship between fashion and music. Like music, fashion represents the soul of people, and each outfit should carry its own soundtrack in your head. These are the moments where Fashion Rocks gets it right.

They’ve certainly covered a range of music tonight– rock, country, hip hop, and now disco! Too bad this is about as far away as the Miata image as you can get. The DJ churns out some disco tunes as the catwalks fill with models again.

We have one last chance to see the Mazda3 commercial again.

Mazda’s Fashion Rocks Segment Nine: (Don’t worry, this is the final one.)

Remember how this evening was about fashion as well as music? Good thing there’s small segments like this one about music icons being featured in ad campaigns to remind us of that.

There are two songs that can close out practically any event. Since the chances of us hearing “Closing Time” are slim to none, Kiss serenades us with the timeless “Rock and Roll All Nite,” wearing more makeup than any of the super models who graced the screen.

Ryan Seacrest signs off under a storm of confetti and promises Fashion Rocks will be back again next year. The question is… will we?

Well everybody, that’s our coverage of Fashion Rocks. Not enough Mazda for our taste, but an impressive production nonetheless. Any thoughts of your own to share?