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Mazda’s Hybrid Future to Rest on SKYACTIV-X Engine

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Mazda SKYACTIV-X test vehicle

Mazda has long been one of the largest supporters of internal combustion engines whether due to natural inclination or small size, continuing to improve its existing engines using SKYACTIV design technology to increase fuel efficiency rather than follow other automakers in creating ranges of hybrids, electrics, and hydrogen-fueled vehicles. In fact, just at the end of last year, Mazda unveiled a breakthrough of engine technology in its SKYACTIV-X engine, which combines the strengths of both diesel and gasoline engines in one package.

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Now, though, Mazda is being forced to follow the trend, and has promised to create hybrid and electric vehicles for its next generation. So, the question becomes, will Mazda then give up on the SKYACTIV-X innovation?

Absolutely not. In fact, according to Mazda North American Operations CEO Masahiro Moro, Mazda will be using the SKYACTIV-X as a base for its coming hybrids, basically because, to build an efficient hybrid, the brand wants to start with its most efficient engine.

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Of course, though, Moro added that the new hybrids (and one upcoming battery-electric) would present a challenge for the engineering team to make an electrified car “to be a true Mazda with driving performance. That’s what customers expect from Mazda.”

Mazda promised the coming of an electric vehicle, potentially with a range-extending engine for 2019 back in December 2016, which would draw on the expertise gained in its partnership with Toyota and Denso for vehicle development.

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)