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[VIDEO] McConaughey Has an Existential Crisis

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Bonus: one hour of Matthew McConaughey watching rain and drinking coffee, because why the hell not.

McConaughey Has an Existential Crisis

Don’t worry, this McConaughey parody is good and weird

Last month, Lincoln unleashed two more ads starring rambling lunatic Matthew McConaughey, this time promoting the MKZ and MKZ Hybrid. They were…well, you know, par for the course for the ads: McConaughey simmers while looking into the camera or at some indistinct something somewhere off-screen, generally while a grumbly voiceover tells the viewer what things are about or not about.

We figured it wouldn’t be long before the new spots sparked another wave of clever parodies videos, and sure enough, here we are.

Matthew McConaughey Has an Existential Crisis

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Fortunately, this one—like the Jim Carrey spots from SNL and the skit from Ellen—is pretty good. McConaughey’s voice is dubbed over by Honest Trailers’ Jon Bailey, whose familiar voice once hilariously got really indignant about how bad After Earth is. (Seriously, the lead character is named Cypher Raige. OH MY GOD GUYS DO YOU THINK IT HAS A DOUBLE MEANING?)

Honest Trailers – After Earth

Bailey’s McConaughey impersonation is pretty spot-on, and he somehow stretches the gag out for five-and-a-half minutes without losing its touch. We bound around between the senselessness of drinking water from a cup when there’s perfectly good water falling from the sky, to whether or not he’s ready to be welcomed into the afterlife before he’s had the chance to cook homeless people pancakes or whittle a surfboard for himself, to the hideous potential of the human brain and whether it’s merely a transceiver for signals beamed in from other intelligent life forms, to why they picked Affleck to play Batman, to his obvious preference to shill for marijuana cigarettes instead of Lincoln.

All in all, it’s a pretty perfect Lynchian fare. But it’s nowhere near as perfect and Lynchian as this—Matthew McConaughey watching rain, drinking coffee, and talking to himself amidst a pretty relaxing soundscape courtesy of AmbientPopstar:

One Hour of Matthew McConaughey Watching Rain and Drinking Coffee

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