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Mecum Corvette Auction Cancelled

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1970 Corvette - Mecum Corvette Auction

A 1970 Chevy Corvette

Avaricious (and wealthy) classic Corvette fans were dealt a punishing blow when the Mecum Corvette Auction was scrapped from the calendar this year. The auction was going to be held in Champaign, Illinois, featuring Corvettes, more Corvettes, and nothing but Corvettes. For some odd reason (maybe because wealthy people don’t appreciate a good car up for grabs when they see one?), not enough interest was generated, and the auction was cancelled.

But never fear, Corvette lovers. There is still a ray of hope. Mecum released an official statement that should set your worried minds at rest: “Bloomington Gold Corvettes USA will continue to offer its great services with expert judging in Gold, Benchmark and Survivor Certification, hosting a swap meet/vendor area, a car corral and providing top-of-the-line Corvette enthusiast entertainment.”

That’s right. You can still buy classic Corvettes, just not at the long-awaited Mecum Corvette Auction.

So what’s the big deal then? Well, auctions are typically the best place to get a good deal on a great find, so long as no one else is battling you out for it. When a seller offers the car directly, he or she can refuse your offers and ask for more than most are likely willing to bid at an auction. So sure, without the auction, you can still get your itching hands on the wheel of a classic ‘Vette; you just may be shelling out a little more than you ever anticipated.