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Meet the 2024 Corvette E-Ray

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2023 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray
Photo: Chevrolet

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Corvette, Chevrolet has unveiled one of the most unique Corvette models to date — the electrified 2024 Corvette E-Ray. Here’s the scoop on this innovative performance car.

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A new electrified powertrain

When it arrives, the Corvette E-Ray will be the only sports car on the market that draws its power from two sources: a naturally aspirated V8 that channels 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque to the rear axle, along with an electric motor that provides160 horsepower and 125 lb-ft of torque to the front wheels. On top of that, it features eAWD for a more responsive ride.

Thanks to these features, the E-Ray has established itself as the quickest production Corvette in the nameplate’s history. GM estimates clock a 0-60 mph timeof 2.5-second, along with a 10.5 second quarter-mile.

And if you’re worried about finding a charging station to keep your E-Ray going, don’t fret. The model doesn’t feature a plug-in charging system. Instead, it keeps its electrified system charged through coasting, regenerative braking, and normal driving.

Innovative features

The Corvette E-Ray has more than electrified powertrain to set it apart from the crowd. For starters, it features Stealth Mode, a silent, all-electric drive mode for traveling under 45 mph. Plus, its lightweight lithium-ion 12-volt battery is specifically designed to work with the V8 engine’s stop/start functionality. And while electrified vehicles are known for being silent, the Corvette E-Ray boasts a unique signature sound that comes from it V8 engine and electric motor working in concert.

Its more conventional features include a standard Brembo Carbon Ceramic brake system, as well as standard Magnetic Ride Control 4.0, which now features three suspension settings. The E-Ray rides on staggered 20- and 21-inch wheels clad in Michelin Pilot Sport all-season tires. And like other 2024 Corvette models, the E-Ray will come standard with a range of driver-assist technologies including Forward Collision Alert, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, and Automatic Emergency Braking.

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