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Meet the C8 Corvette’s New Scissor Door Kit

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2020 Chevy Corvette C8
The C8 is already a handsome ride…but you can add more retro appeal with a scissor door conversion kit
Photo: Chevrolet

You don’t have to own a Lamborghini to enjoy the novelty of “scissor” doors. Thanks to Eikon Motorsports in Scottsdale Arizona, you’ll soon be able to order a Lambo door conversion kit for your Chevy C8 Corvette.

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A flashy upgrade

According to The Drive, Eikon Motorsports is putting the finishing touches on a scissor door conversion kit for the C8. The kit uses hinges manufactured by Vertical Doors Inc. and bolts up to existing mounting points inside of the car, allowing you the option to switch back to the original doors later on.

Granted, the Lambo door conversion kit is more of an aesthetic than performance mod for the Chevy Corvette, as Road and Track’s Brian Silvestro points out. But the kit is a great way to increase the curb appeal of your already-swanky C8 — especially if you prefer to enter and exit your ride with doors that swing up instead of out.

Per Eikon Motorsports, the pre-order price for the kit is $2,999 and includes installation. The regular retail price is $4,300 for the kit, installation, and lifetime warranty.

More C8 tweaks

Eikon’s new kit is a great way to amp up the coolness factor of your C8 while channeling an 80s vibe. Chevrolet offers countless other ways to customize the C8, though, if Lambo doors aren’t your thing.

The Ground Effects Kit protects the outer body of your ‘Vette from scrapes and dents from rocks you kick up on the road, while adding ebony accents in the form of rocker panel moldings and a front splitter.

The 5-Trident Spoke Wheel Package in Black and a 6.2-liter Engine Cover in Sterling Silver lend a contemporary aura. You can also go with fender hash marks in one of two color combos, for a sporty touch: Carbon Flash Metallic with Edge Red Accents or Edge Red with Carbon Flash Accents.

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