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Meet the New BBC Top Gear Hosts

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Pictured (left to right): Rory Reid, Sabine Schmitz, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans (not that one), Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan, and The Stig
Photo: Twitter/Chris Evans (not that one)

In March of 2015, the BBC decided to drop Jeremy Clarkson from its popular Top Gear program. To be fair, it wasn’t a decision based on looks, age, or money, but rather in response to Clarkson assaulting a producer on the popular program in a dispute. No matter what other circumstances lead to the BBC declining to renew its contract with Clarkson, his fellow hosts (and friends), James May and Richard Hammond, followed him and left the program to launch a new show on Amazon Video.

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Instead of letting Top Gear disappear into oblivion, the show will launch again this spring with new hosts. How many hosts does it take to replace the original trio? Six people. These six hosts will be joined by the ever-present Stig when the show airs on the BBC in May.

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Internet So Helpful Captain America

This Chris Evans is not hosting Top Gear

The first new host, who seems to be presented as a Jeremy Clarkson-esque ringleader, is British TV personality Chris Evans (no not that one). His role was announced in June of last year. Besides mistaking him for Captain America, most Americans might know him as the man who was once married to Billie Piper (aka Rose Tyler of Doctor Who fame).

Rose Tyler Doctor Who

We all need a daily dose of these two
Photo: BBC

The five personalities joining Evans on Top Gear are more well-known for their automotive expertise: Sabine Schmitz (German-born race car driver known as the “Queen of the Nürburgring”), Eddie Jordan (Former F1 team owner), Chris Harris (YouTube personality and former Jalopnik contributor), Rory Reid (automotive journalist), and Matt LeBlanc (actor and car fan). No, I didn’t type that last entry incorrectly. Matt LeBlanc, most famous for his role as Joey on Friends, might seem an odd choice, but he actually is a well-respected car enthusiast with a lot of experience getting out of being stuck in second gear.

Come May 8th, the world will see if Top Gear can move beyond the Clarkson years. Here’s hoping it at least beats Top Gear USA.

News Source: BBC America