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Meet Your Latest Driving Distraction: The DipClip

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DipClipWe are living in an age of great technological advancement, but is every invention is completely necessary? A new innovation that caught the internet’s attention this week sounds like a great idea the first time you hear about it, but now we’re not 100% sure. Let us introduce you to the new tool for eating fast food in the car: the DipClip.

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Developed in the state of Ohio, which is traditionally known for inventions like the airplane, pop tab, and cash register, the DipClip is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Milkmen Design’s developers Tony Lahood, William Moujaes, and Michael Koury found a problem to be solved in the chicken nuggets and French fries that are so popular in drive thru windows. It is fairly difficult to hold sauce cups and eat at the same time when you’re in a car, and it’s pretty impossible to use ketchup packets with fries on the go. The team put their heads together and developed the DipClip to make it so much easier (and cleaner) to manage. The plastic DipClip holder securely fits sauce containers from places like McDonalds, Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A, and Burger King and attaches to a standard air conditioning vent. If you ask for ketchup and it comes in packets, each DipClip also comes with a ramekin for you to empty the packets into for your fries.

While we think this idea is pretty cool, we can’t help but see it as another doohickey to distract drivers from the road. While many of the videos on the product’s Kickstarter page feature passengers using the device as well as disclaimers saying not to dip and drive, you know that drivers will also be taking advantage of the opportunity to have some honey mustard or BBQ sauce. We foresee that someone is going to drop some delicious sauce on their lap and look away from the road long enough to see the damage to their clothes or grab a napkin to try and clean it up and cause a near-miss or an accident.

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The DipClip will become a reality, as its Kickstarter campaign has blown by its original goal of $10,000 and still has more than a month left. We wish the company all the best, but at the same time we’ll be keeping an eye out for sauce-induced collisions.

Source: Kickstarter