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Miami Student Earns School A Visit From Honda ASIMO

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Central Ohio students watch the Honda Robotics demo in Marysville

Central Ohio STEM students watch a Honda Robotics demo in Marysville

Many parents of elementary school students can take pride in their child’s academic or extracurricular successes, but how many can claim that their offspring wrote an essay so good that it merited a special visit from an advanced humanoid robot?

As far as we’re aware, just the parents of Samantha Shestack, a fourth-grader whose essay on the importance of robots in the future earned her and her Miami North Beach Elementary School classmates a visit from the Honda ASIMO.

“Robots will be very helpful in schools for various reasons,” Shestack wrote in the essay about her vision of the future. “They can teach, help and test students all on their own. The robots can give children and young adults an exciting and productive education to live up to their potential.”

The Honda Robotics team visited the elementary school in Miami, Florida, on May 17th, performing two shows for over 700 students. The full demonstration of ASIMO’s abilities included displays of the robot’s running, hopping, stair climbing, and even dancing capabilities.

“Samantha’s essay stood out because we envision a future where many of her examples could become reality,” said Jeffrey Smith, vice president of Corporate Affairs and Communications at Honda North America. “Samantha’s vision and her expression of that vision was exemplary and we felt that her and her classmates at North Beach Elementary deserved to get a visit from ASIMO.”

Recently, the ASIMO robot met with a group of middle school students in San Jose, California, to encourage them to pursue careers in the STEM field.