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Michigan Car Salesman Taken on Legit Terrifying Ride

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<3 Donuts

At least the women driving the hero of this particular story didn’t opt for big, smoky parking lot donuts

Last week, just in time for Valentine’s Day, Ford released a video of a prank it pulled on a number of guys who went on a blind date with what wound up being a professional stunt driver. We’re guessing that the poor car salesman from Michigan who got taken for a slower-yet-no-less-harrowing ride last week was hoping that he was involved in some kind of prank.

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According to USA Today, two women walked into Matick Chevrolet last Monday and asked to test drive a car, as two women who walk into dealerships are often wont to do. As is common practice, the salesman went with them, no doubt talking up the quality materials and the efficiency and the shininess and whatnot.

Then something funny happened. The women decided that they were going to deviate from the predetermined path and make a stop off at a nearby McDonalds. Only the salesman made it explicitly clear that eating in a car one does not own is not the dealership’s policy. The women, to their credit, ignored him completely and went about ordering terrible fast food.

Frustrated, the salesman told the women to drive the car back to a dealership. They ignored him for several miles, but eventually turned around and headed back to the dealership. Then, moments away from returning to the lot, the women turned back around and drove in the other direction.

This led the salesman to call police and tell them that the women were being held against his will. At some point thereafter, the woman driving pulled over and stopped the car, at which point the salesman yanked the keys out of the ignition until police arrived.

When the women were asked why they were eating in the car when the salesman told them they couldn’t, one responded by saying that she was totally going to buy the car and so she didn’t really think it mattered what the salesman said.

The police informed the women that holding someone against their will is kind of sort of a crime, they immediately countered with an assault claim that they were completely unable to substantiate.

The end result? The women were banned from the dealership. Nobody died, and nobody went to jail. That’s a good day right there.

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News Source: USA Today