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Michigan Central Station Construction Enters Phase Two

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Michigan Central Station Construction Enters Phase 2
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford has announced that its ongoing renovation of Michigan Central Station has entered its second phase, putting the building on track toward its projected goal of reopening in 2022. The automaker purchased the former train station from the Moroun family for $90 million in 2018 and subsequently revealed plans to make it the centerpiece of a 1.2 million-square-foot Corktown campus.

The first stage of construction at Michigan Central Station got underway in December, focusing on the winterization of the building and removal of water damage. Among the jobs completed during this stage were the installation of temporary roofing and plumbing and the removal of 227,000 gallons of water, helping dry out the massive building.

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“We’ve made huge strides in the first six months of construction thanks to the multiple contractors and teams onsite who are working together to get the job done correctly and safely,” said Richard Bardelli, Ford’s construction manager for the restoration of Michigan Central Station. “Their hard work and collaboration is making a complicated job a whole lot easier.”

According to Ford, phase two will carry from now into 2021 and will include the restoration of over eight acres of masonry. This includes the 240-foot-tall tower, which will also be inspected for stability, and the removal and replacement of 1,200 feet of cornice molding. In addition to making repairs to more than 106,000 square feet of roof structures, workers are set to replace 1,184 tower windows and restore or replace more than 22,000 square feet worth of Guastavino tiles in the former waiting room.

Phase two is set to conclude in 2021, leading to the third and final phase in which restoration is finished and tenants are moved in for the 2022 opening.

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Photos: Michigan Central Station Construction Enters Second Stage