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Michigan Driver Attempts to Dash by a Speed Trap, Rolls Vehicle

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The Monday morning commute in Michigan took a surprising turn when one driver tried to evade a speed trap by, well, speeding. Apparently the person was running late for work, hence the speeding and the desperate attempt to outwit the cop.

It’s a bit hard to spot the vehicle in question, when watching the dash cam video clip, so keep your eye on the right side of the frame. The trooper pulls out onto the M-14 highway west of Detroit, to nab the speeding driver who was zipping down the road at 85 mph.

Soon after the driver catches sight of the cop, they veer across the road toward the nearest exit ramp. Then, the car starts to roll dramatically, spins around, then ends up headed into a ditch between the highway and the exit ramp.

“The conversation would have been easier,” the trooper commented on the driver’s reckless actions, on Twitter. “Fortunately, no one was hurt. It’s just a ticket or a warning.”

This story illustrates how NOT to avoid a speeding ticket. Here are some safer, more effective strategies you can implement to help avoid getting pulled over.

Watch the Median

Most highways have “cutouts,” break zones in the median where police officers tend to park their vehicles when on the lookout for speeding offenders. Staying aware of these regions will help prevent you from getting surprised by a copy you failed to notice.

Practice “Safe Speeding”

Travel within 5-10 mph of the traffic around you. Going with the flow will help prevent your vehicle from standing out from the crowd, when a nearby cop is scanning the road for a speeding vehicle.

Travel in a Pack

Avoid driving alone on an isolated stretch of the road, which will increase your visibility to nearby cops. Instead, monitor how fast the cars around you are traveling and adjust your speed so you’re traveling in the middle of a group of vehicles, at an average speed.

The Rabbit Method

If you can’t find a group of cars to camouflage your vehicle in, pick out a solitary vehicle going about the speed you want to travel at and follow them at a safe distance. That way, if there’s a cop stakeout, they’ll likely focus on the vehicle in front of you rather than your own car.

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