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Midterm Ballots for Some States Will Feature Transportation Funding Question

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Many sates are currently facing a shortage of transportation funds to maintain and repair the infrastructure. To this end, eight of them are putting transportation-related amendments on the ballots this midterm: Louisiana, Maine, California, Missouri, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Colorado, and Utah.

Louisiana residents, for instance, will vote on an amendment to ensure that Transportation Trust Fund revenue will go solely to transportation projects like road and bridge maintenance, as well as flood control and transit.

Connecticut voters will express their support for or against an amendment to create a lockbox for transportation funds. This would make sure that all transportation revenue goes strictly toward transportation.

Californians will vote on whether or not to repeal Proposition 6. This legislation raised the fuel tax for both diesel and gasoline since it went into effect last year. Revenue from the increase went toward transportation improvement projects like reinforcing bridges and preserving pavement.

Governor of Connecticut, Dannel Malloy, articulated the prevalent crisis of dwindling transportation funds. “I think states are struggling with how we are going to fund transportation when gas taxes start to shrink precipitously. It’s almost impossible to have that discussion in a state unless the taxpayers are confident that the monies that are raised are going to be spent on transportation.”

It will be interesting to see which states pass amendments to support transportation funding. Stay tuned for more details as we anticipate the results of the midterm next week.

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