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Millennials Trust the Auto Industry More Than Their Parents

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There have been a lot of changes in recent years to the auto industry, from the growth of driver-assist technologies and the development of longer-range electric cars. According to a recent U.K. study, the good news is that Millennials are ready to stick with the industry for the long run – more so than their parents.

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CarGurus, a British auto listing site, says that drivers aged 18-34 (the younger side of the Millennial age group that crosses into Generation Z territory) trusts the auto industry the most. This age group routinely scores high when it comes to social consciousness, and in this survey they also said they believe car companies have the best interests of society and its customers at heart.

To get specific, 37 percent of surveyed young drivers think the auto industry has its best interests at heart. That’s compared to 27 percent of those aged 35-54, and 15 percent of people in the 55-64 age bracket. When it comes to drivers older than 64, 36 percent of them distrust the auto companies.

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While these numbers might make us feel better about the direction of the industry, it’s worth noting that 32 percent of overall men trusted car companies, while only 26 percent of women did. Several brands, like General Motors, are reworking their dealership experiences to make all customers feel more welcome and sure of themselves, so hopefully the gender gap in the auto industry won’t look so large in the coming years.

 When it comes to the auto industry, what companies do you trust most?