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MINI Reportedly Considers an All-Electric Future for Its Vehicles

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Depending on the success of the upcoming MINI Electric EV, the MINI brand might soon be focusing exclusively on electric models

The MINI Electric EV might be a preview of what’s to come from MINI

For years, rumors of an electric-powered MINI Cooper circulated at a consistent rate, spurred on by the unveiling of several concept models. Earlier this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW revealed the culmination of these various concepts: the MINI Electric EV. The MINI Electric might just be the beginning, however. Depending on how well this electric-powered MINI sells, the entire MINI brand could reportedly be converted to an all-electric lineup.

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These murmurs of MIN going all-electric aren’t simple rumors, either. Thomas Felbermair, the vice president of MINI Regio Americas, alluded to this potential powertrain conversion during the L.A. Auto Show. “This shows a certain direction: We are electrifying the brand,” Felbermair stated. “If Mini has a fully electric future in the U.S. or worldwide, this is something that might be possible. Because we are an urban brand, and a lot of cities are [mandating that] you can’t drive in with a combustion engine.”

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Of course, MINI’s whole transition to an all-electric brand will depend on how well the MINI Electric EV sells when it is released in 2019. Past successes in the hybrid and EV segment suggest that the new electric MINI’s chances of success are rather high. MINI currently sells a plug-in model of the MINI Countryman. This particular model is doing even better than expected, with plug-in Countryman models currently sold out in the U.S.

As the MINI Electric’s launch date draws closer, MINI is currently training its staff to prepare them for the automaker’s potential electric-focused future. By 2020, combustion-based MINI Coopers might by a thing of the past.

News Source: Automotive News Europe (subscription required)