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Missed the Eclipse? No Problem—the Eclipse Cross Has You Covered

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Mitsubishi Motors Eclipse Cross: First Contact

Yesterday, for the first time in 99 years, a total solar eclipse traveled across the entire contiguous United States, treating Americans to an incredible view. And as it happened, Mitsubishi made sure to capture not one but two eclipses.

As part of a marketing launch effort for the all-new 2018 Eclipse Cross CUV, Mitsubishi brought the vehicle and “social influencers from 10 different countries” to an area just outside Salem, Oregon, to livestream the event.

Viewers were treated to the full progress of the moon over the sun as well as to the 2018 Eclipse Cross’ styling and various features, all the way up to full totality. The two eclipses were captured in the same shot while the Eclipse itself captured the eclipse using its rearview camera.

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That morning, the Eclipse Cross also made its television debut in New York City’s Time Square in “Good Morning America” and was the exclusive sponsor of ABC News’ “The Great American Eclipse” live coverage event.

“It was an unprecedented marketing opportunity that we just couldn’t let pass us by,” said Francine Harsini, senior director, marketing, MMNA. “It’s a big year for us at Mitsubishi Motors, and to kick off the campaign for the all-new Eclipse Cross CUV by successfully capturing content beneath a total eclipse of the sun was monumental.”

So if you unfortunately missed the eclipse, you can just check out the recorded livestream on Mitsubishi Motors North America’s official YouTube channel to get a double dose—or simply watch it below!

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