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Mitsubishi D-Segment Vehicle to be Based on Renault Latitude

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Mitsubishi D-Segment Vehicle

Mitsubishi D-segment vehicle to be based upon Renault Latitude

It was revealed last week that Mitsubishi would be teaming up with Renault in order to put forth a pair of new sedans for its brand in the near future. While we do not yet know with any certainty which way the wind will blow on the Renault/Mitsubishi compact, we know now that the new Mitsubishi D-segment vehicle will be a sedan based upon the Renault Latitude.

The new Mitsubishi D-segment vehicle would ultimately be put together for the US and Canadian marketplaces with production likely taking place in Busan, South Korea. According to Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko, who spoke with Automotive News Europe about his company’s future plans, the Latitude-based sedan should be arriving in two to three years.

It makes as much sense: the Latitude has been relatively well received since it went on sale in early 2011, and it just so happens to be manufactured at the Renault-Samsung plant in Busan, which would make the translation rather easy.

The current Latitude is by no means an uncomely car, but it’s hard to say whether it possesses the kind of “wow” factor that Nissan will need to compete in a crowded segment that is dominated by Honda and Toyota. It will certainly be interesting to see if Mitsubishi and Renault have anything up their sleeves to make this move a mutually beneficial success.