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Mitsubishi Partners with Otonomo to Improve In-Vehicle Tech

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Mitsubishi updates
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Mitsubishi has now come into a commercial agreement with Otonomo, an auto data services platform. Together, the companies will allow drivers to be more connected while on the road by adding smart technologies to Mitsubishi vehicles.

Technology on the Horizon: The Mitsubishi Mi-Tech Concept

Exciting changes occurring with the partnership

Shingaku Kochi, Mitsubishi Motors general manager of the connected information business department, cited drivers’ demand for convenience, comfort, and safety in their vehicles as the reason why connected car services are so important in vehicles. The partnership between Mitsubishi and Otonomo is meant to help better the driving experience in Mitsubishi vehicles with the availability of new in-vehicle services.

While following international data privacy regulations, including GDPR, the Otonomo platform will allow Mitsubishi vehicles to transfer data to third-party application and services providers, such as for parking, concierge services, safety, mapping, preventive maintenance, and smart electric vehicle charging.

By adding Mitsubishi to its list of over 100 partners, Otonomo will be able to improve its customers’ experiences with the platform overall, using the additional data assets and collection of connected vehicle data from Mitsubishi. The commercial agreement could also end up benefiting society by leading to fewer emissions and less congestion as well as better traffic flow and road safety.

Otonomo chief executive officer and co-founder Ben Volkow said, “This is an exciting opportunity for drivers around the world, and we look forward to a continued relationship. We are very proud of this partnership, which will position Mitsubishi Motors as an industry leader, providing driver experiences powered by car data.”

The Progress Thus Far: Recent Mitsubishi innovations

The companies’ joint initiative will begin with Mitsubishi vehicles in Europe and the United States in 2020. It’s likely like the Otonomo platform will continue to add new services to Mitsubishi vehicles over time.