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Montana Highway Patrol Pull Over Car Full of Bees, Which Is Apparently Perfectly Legal

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Sometimes, you just have to wonder whether some people just act on whatever crazy thought pops into their head. That’s probably what the Montana Highway Patrol thought when they responded to a call from a motorist who thought that they saw a car full of bees.

When the Highway Patrol pulled over the red sedan, which was weaving all over the road, they found that the caller was quite correct – the car was filled with thousands of bees.

After officers stopped the car, they removed the driver, because it can be a little intimidating to speak to the Lord of the Swarm with all his minions around him.

No, Oprah, no!

Upon questioning, the owner of the car seemed unfazed by the several beehives in his car, and told troopers that these were “Russian honeybees,” and that they were harmless.

Troopers contacted the state apiarist, who told them that while transporting five hives like cases of beer was a “very unsafe” way to transport bees, the driver didn’t need any permits to transport the bees.

After a conversation that probably included the sentences, “Are you sure there’s nothing illegal? He has a car full of bees,” troopers gave the driver a citation for careless driving.