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More Fun Road Trip Games

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Road Trip Map

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Spring is a great time for road trips with family and friends. As important as it is to map out your route ahead of time, it’s also wise to plan some fun activities to make the journey more enjoyable. Here are five road-trip games that will help even the longest trip seem a bit shorter.

Connect song lyrics

Have one person in the car start by saying (or singing) a line from a song. The next person must complete that sentence with a sentence from a different song. See how many song lyrics you can connect before getting stumped.

Snack challenge

Who doesn’t appreciate some tasty food on a long road trip? This game begins when you start your journey to the moment you pull up to your destination. At each rest stop, everyone needs to purchase a regional snack of their choice. The goal is to collect the most regional snacks out of everyone in your group.

While you were sleeping

If someone in your gang is sleeping during the trip, it’s time to play this game. Create a “while you were sleeping” story to tell the dozing passenger when they finish their nap. Assign each (awake) person in the car a part of the story to tell. Storytellers win points for different reactions from the napper — and every storyteller wins if the napper believes the story really happened.

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Family Road Trip

Actor/movie association

Test your crew’s film-related trivia by linking actors and actresses with the movies they were in. The first person names an actor or actress. The next person names a movie that person was in. The following person must name a different actor or actress in that same movie. The person after that must name a movie that this actor or actress was in.

Radio roulette

Whether you use an iPod or your vehicle’s built-in infotainment center, musical playlists can definitely help make the time go by more pleasantly on a road trip. Another fun option is to play this game. Every 10 minutes, choose a new radio station to listen to. It’s a great way to discover new genres and songs.

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