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More Haunted Literary Places to Visit in the US

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We’ve already shared some haunted literary destinations worth experiencing in New England. If you need more ideas for a Halloween-themed road trip, however, here are some additional suggestions. Whether you’re a fan of Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King, you’re bound to find at least one destination that satisfies your passion for the paranormal.  

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Edgar Allen Poe’s Home (Maryland)

If you’re a fan of Poe, head to 203 N. Amity St. in Baltimore to witness his former residence. It was here that he penned “Berenice” and “Shadow, A Parable.” Walk the halls of the house and view the author’s writing desk and chair, then pay your respects to his tomb at the graveyard nearby. Just keep your eyes peeled for specters — legend has it that some of those interred were buried alive and their ghosts frequent the cemetery. 

Point Pleasant (West Virginia)

Journey to Point Pleasant to witness a statue and museum dedicated to Mothman, a creature from West Virginian folklore that Jon Keel’s “The Mothman Prophecies” and Gray Barker’s “The Silver Bridge.” Per Entropy magazine, some of the town’s visitors have reported seeing Mothman himself. 

Stanley Hotel (Colorado)

Estes Park’s Stanley Hotel is known for paranormal activity in every room. The hotel also inspired Stephen King to write “The Shining.” According to Entropy magazine, guests have heard ghost children laughing and seen objects moving around the room. Though, this venue’s haunted reputation began long before King visited it in 1974. Past guests claimed to have witnessed the apparition of Mr. Stanley, the hotel’s builder. Others have heard the ghost of Stanley’s wife, Flora, playing piano in the ballroom. 

Hotel Monteleone (Louisiana)

Louisiana’s French Quarter boasts another spooky site worth adding to your itinerary: Hotel Monteleone. This literary landmark once hosted famous American writers such as John Grisham, Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner, and Anne Rice. Reserve a room at the hotel to experience the charm of the sophisticated historic decor. If you’re lucky, you might catch sight of phantom children playing in the halls. 

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