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More Weird Driving Laws in the US

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Summer is a great time for road-tripping and exploring new cities. While we’ve already touched on weird driving laws in some states, there’s plenty more nationwide rules worth mentioning. Here are some bizarre driving and transportation laws to familiarize yourself with (both for the sake of staying informed and for eliciting some laughs).


Apparently the Pine Tree State has a penchant for fried confections. it’s illegal to park your vehicle in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts store.

South Carolina

If you call this state home, you’ll want to avoid using your vehicle’s interior as a trash repository. There’s actually a law prohibiting storing garbage in your car.


If you happen to own a camel in Nevada, it’s illegal to ride it on the highway. (You’ll want to stick to back roads and empty fields, instead…)

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Sometimes you just need a reading break to recharge your spirit at the end of a long day. However, if you reside in the Wolverine State, avoid sitting in the middle of a street with a newspaper.

North Dakota

While automatic parking ticket machines might be an annoying yet necessary part of public parking, you’ll want to avoid jamming a penny in the slot. (If only this state had a penny for every time someone tried that…)


Leave your ebony-hued car at home when hitting the road on a Sunday. In Colorado, it’s illegal to drive a black vehicle on this day (even a snazzy Corvette, like this one).

New York

Maybe you’re just pressed for time and decide to change your attire while riding in the backseat of your friend’s car. Avoid doing so, if you want to abide by the law in this state, since disrobing in a vehicle is prohibited.

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